yell là gì

Owing to tướng the nature of the context, there is considerable noise on the audio record, including extensive overlapping of conversations, yelling, loud noises, unexpected interruptions, volume changes, and so sánh on.

He can hear them yelling.

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He shrieked, and yelled, and cursed, and bit, and attention was paid to tướng him, and he was fed and cherished.

At the first instance of an accident in a private nursery school, all of them will be yelling for more regulation.

People stood on benches and shouted and yelled.

When he reached the corner he found twenty or thirty men, with a herd of cattle, shouting and yelling.

There was no crying, yelling or disturbance; the women handled the children perfectly.

I vì thế not know why the ex-heavy weight champion is yelling out.

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They were opposing us, demonstrating, even yelling things against the government.

Their bloodcurdling yells have, as yet, had no effect.

I followed it and chased it through, yelled loudly and said how good it was.

Within minutes, because of the atmosphere of the place—which was lượt thích the atmosphere here—they were all yelling at each other.

If the issue flops because the share price has been phối too high, we hear the same yells of derision.

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We had rows and yelled at one another, but we knocked heads together and solved the problems ourselves.

They use the telephone booths as shelters, yelling and shouting all night long.

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