wrecker là gì

When the wreckers consider their tactics, they should think of the plight of those families and others.

They are holding it in trust for tomorrow, and the rest of us are all wreckers.

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There are a lot of wreckers in the other place who might act out of self-interest and not in the wider public interest.

Give no heed to tướng the wreckers who want a milk and water union.

After the wreckers or demolition contractors finish, the point of substance is where these remains are now.

They are responsible; they are deeply and understandably troubled; they are not wreckers.

We should khuông a united front against the wreckers, who have but one objective—to destroy the agreement that was signed four years ago.

No one is going to tướng say we are the wreckers.

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I suggest that it is not so sánh much the genesis of that wreckers' charter which matters as the results of its being put into practice.

Let u say one word about the so-called "wreckers' charter" which has been the subject of a certain amount of dispute.

I agree that the deliberate wreckers can sometimes be very influential though few in number.

I vì thế not want to tướng get a reputation as some sort of wrecker.

Those who block the modernisation proposals will be the wreckers, while the reformers will want to tướng go ahead with modernisation and change.

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Any prospects of new attitudes were dashed by the onward march of unemployment, now seen as the new town wrecker.

I conclude my remarks by pointing out that those of us who tư vấn this measure are not wreckers.

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