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Her words were met with booing, and soon after she walked off the stage.

In other words, it is the movement of dislocations in the material which allows for deformation.

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In other words, the further from the equator the more developed a country tends vĩ đại be.

At the internal commemoration in the clinic she spoke words at her eulogy.

In other words, brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target.

This architecture was evident vĩ đại the game player too, since the game only distinguished the first five characters of all the vocabulary words it understood.

In other words: this list includes land snails and slugs, and freshwater and brackish water snails.

As a result, he was fairly emaciated, slurred his words, and twitched.

Its simpler word structure and syntax, while detracting from the raw information standpoint, can make the information easy vĩ đại understand.

In other words, the further from the equator the more developed a country tends vĩ đại be.

Each of the three words could be combined with the solution word vĩ đại create a new compound word.

The resultant compound word is in the singular number and is always neuter in gender.

This is a compound word from the verb "a reika" (to wander) and the noun "stjarna" (star).

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It is a compound word, consisting of "gleich", meaning "alike", and "schaltung", which means "switching".

The whiteman is a compound word put together.

These strategies are given vĩ đại liaison officers who send word vĩ đại those closest vĩ đại the problem.

He just sent word that he was no longer coming back and that he hoped we understood.

The lieutenant sent word over his radio at 7:52 a.m. that he was pursuing the trio on foot.

He agrees vĩ đại send word down that we'd lượt thích vĩ đại meet the quấn.

Standing outside they sent word vĩ đại him and called him.

In other words, erythrocytes behave lượt thích elastic bodies, while they also resist vĩ đại shape change under deforming forces.

In other words, the peaked solitary waves in finite water depth are non-dispersive.

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In other words, appreciation and depreciation occure once or multiple times as values in the x-axis (t) change.

In other words, the more you know about the subject, the more precisely you can identify what you must still find out.

In other words, for her eightieth book a rather more serious work than thở usual from this author.