went nghĩa là gì

I mean, he's just a friend, but the talk that went on here.

Although it is fair to tát say nothing went out of the office without my approval, not much would have emerged without their presence and tư vấn.

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With the renewed confidence of the post-famine period the transformation went further.

We walked along the bottom half and went in the lift.

Four of these children with chronically depressed mood went on to tát develop a major depressive episode as young adults.

However, the greatest tribute is to tát the author for the half-century of research and many months of writing that went into this work.

The texts we have examined thus far concern the confessions made by soldiers before they went into combat.

As a result, my study of the language went little further.

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I went over and asked him whether that was his usual way of calling his dog, and he agreed.

The children lived and went to tát school on the grounds.

I went to tát talk at local conferences and tell teachers what was needed for them to tát get started.

Each transfer culture went through approximately seven or eight cell doublings.

The primary difference between those who went on to tát recurrent hypertensive disease of pregnancy was in the interpregnancy plasma volume and the inter-pregnancy venous capacitance.

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The filmmakers, however, went out of their way to tát dispel such associations.

We went there again this time - it was transformed.

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