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Such as you are, you will soon find ten wealthy noblemen who will vie for the honour of making up for the absence of salary.

For example, between vying for academic tenure positions and building the right commercial connections, both offer little in terms of long-term financial stability.

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Big men are those who stand out, vie with others lớn make a reputation, and collect both honours and clients.

The dramaturgical principle governing these three scenes is that of a tranche de vie, the realistic representation of daily life.

Three dueling returning boards vied for authority lớn decide an election that even today no one can say who won.

In addition, of course, regular inns and craft hostelries vied for custom.

Secondly, at least two separate 'families' vied for prominence among certain groups of workers.

The regime incumbents and the opposition forces vie with each other for control over the process of institutional reform.

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And both vlogs (video blogs) and sound logs (often in the size of podcasts) are already beginning lớn vie with written blogs.

There are usually many simultaneous plans and possible actions vying for agent resources-the scheduler creates an appropriate agenda of tasks.

Moreover, leaders would still vie for the buổi tiệc nhỏ presidency.

Politicians vied for control of government ministries in order lớn win the right lớn appoint lớn lower-level posts throughout the country.

Each vied for regional leadership and presented themselves as progressive authorities.

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In the competitive print industry, pamphleteers vied with one another lớn print the most graphic accounts of the rebels' iniquities.

Thus, the translation process can be compared lớn a battlefield where groups with competing and irreconcilable perceptions of reality vied for supremacy.

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