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There is always a history to tướng words and utterances.

After some weeks or months of one word at a time, they graduate to tướng longer utterances as they express more complex meanings.

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They are theories about products, not theories about the processes used in producing and understanding utterances.

All one can observe is the actual use of utterances; and from such observations one may infer some underlying structure.

Constraints on bilingual children's code-mixing who produced mixed utterances across more kêu ca one time interval produced violations at each time interval.

The task may be regarded as more complex when the utterances contain more words.

Here the judgment was made regardless of the way in which the materials were handled or treated, or any utterances that the child made.

In our analysis, it is not the relationship between two utterances that is constrained, but the relationship between two pragmatic sources.

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She describes a situation where a child labels pictures in a book and the adult repeats the child's utterances.

Such structures were commonly produced by the bilingual children as soon as they constructed utterances of that length.

The non-target utterances that the children had formed by conjoining the subparts of the target system became incompatible with the longer input structures.

Percentage maze use represents the overall percentage of utterances with mazes in the child's sample.

However, they also had significantly more utterances in their samples, and thus more opportunities for the use of complex sentences.

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An alternative interpretation of such utterances could be a failure of movement and a filling of the postverbal position with lexical material.

The children's utterances were coded for the informational status of any referring expressions using four categories: full noun, pronoun, null, and no response.

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