unverliable là gì

There are two components here: limited sound fidelity and unreliability.

She also returns to tát the unreliability of some dictionarybased sources of data.

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But these were the very characteristics that engendered such unreliability in his product.

The investigations into the security of the burrow are marked by their structural unreliability, by a perpetual folding of opposites into another.

Notoriously, women tolerate qualities in a lover-moodiness, selfishness, unreliability, brutality-that they never countenance in a husband, in return for excitement, an infusion of intense feeling.

Analyses and interpretations of results should take tài khoản of the problems of recall failure and unreliability.

In both cases, however, issues of unreliability were to tát restrict their practical use.

We can be said to tát trust only if we expect reliability, and if we expect unreliability we distrust.

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A problem recognised by the authors, is the paucity and/or unreliability of much of the data.

The potential unreliability of these first-hand accounts therefore leads us to tát another possible source of verification : the contemporary press.

Authoritarian enclaves are areas-usually states or provinces in a federal polity-in democratic polities marked by the absence, or unreliability, of the components of democracy.

Sanguinicolids were also discounted due to tát their delicacy and the unreliability in finding specimens.

There were already contemporary complaints about the unreliability of the informants supplying the information and the inconsistencies in nomenclature.

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It more kêu ca adequately compensated for the unreliability of the daily press and enabled aperitif companies to tát target specific social groups.

Both of these factors have brought certain elements of unreliability into the recording of households within the source material.

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