tucking là gì

And tucked into this (presumed) final notice of adopted changes in policy statement, there is another notice.

Because monsters are always the constitutive outside of normativity, the scapegoats constructed of society's devouring anxieties, they can never safely be tucked away.

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He wore clean Đen jeans tucked inside expensive-looking new desert boots.

But why not shout these loudly in the introduction rather phàn nàn tucking them away in the summary of chapter 5 ?

And then we picked up the key from her son and, she was neatly tucked away in bed, with her nightgown on as always.

A sagging abdomen which made the patient ' look pregnant ' was enough reason đồ sộ perform a tummy tuck.

In a way it is curious perhaps đồ sộ have these tucked away at the kết thúc of the book.

There was the related question of the site: should the complex be prominent, or tucked away on back land?

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The book is well pitched for them, with fifteen generally short chapters, many illustrations, and footnote references tucked away at the kết thúc of each chapter.

I fear that unsuspecting readers will fail đồ sộ notice the 'health warning' in small print, tucked away in a footnote on another page.

In the region of the anterior canal the peripheral cell layer tucks inwards, sánh that the canal is lined by the hairy layer.

Note the upturned palm, including the thumb and the supinated forearm, with the elbow initially tucked close đồ sộ the operator's toàn thân.

A brief, rigorous investigation failed đồ sộ produce the tableau, and the fragmented ransom note that had launched it was tucked back into police files.

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Many of these ' customary laws ' were tucked away in colonial files or published in anthropological journals.

The alternative is đồ sộ envisage a thành phố that is pepper-potted with bits of industry tucked in and among.

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