traitor là gì

He has a bunch of traitors brought in.

During the 18th century, the heads of traitors were mounted on pikes and exhibited on the roof.

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He was branded as a traitor and deprived his official rank.

He reveals the traitor is down the shaft but doesn't know who it is as its very dark down there.

The tuy nhiên closes on a hopeful note, promising that the time is coming when all traitors will be cast aside before us.

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Political opponents risk looking disloyal, even traitorous if they object.

Build walls and fences on the border with this traitorous country.

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Commanding he is, all the while bedevilled by those who are clawing and traitorous as much as by a power-drunk judiciary.

Besides criticism of his traitorous colleagues, he also used poetry at times to lớn describe newly discovered species.

But, at least, the game no longer makes him feel as if he's got traitorous feet.