timeless là gì

In addition to tát core values, we all need to tát keep certain timeless principles in mind at al times.

They produced designs for several components of the project, chose the timeless words of wisdom, did material studies and contributed ideas for the entire project.

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In this scenario, an object concept develops that is disembodied, timeless, and modular, and that may or may not actually motivate behavior.

The fact that costs are not sunk means production is timeless- nothing has been committed at any point.

In this it has qualities which may be called timeless.

The self is also historical and contingent, not a timeless and abstract attribute lượt thích consciousness.

We also expected the narratives of older subjects to tát include more generalized statements couched in the timeless present kêu ca those of the younger children.

Like everything else, it is not a question of what it 'is', in some abstract timeless world.

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They hold that music should represent a universal and timeless language.

There are good reasons for thinking that the possibilities themselves are timeless.

On the one hand, they were committed to tát rejecting a view of literary texts as timeless and/or self-contained objects of examination.

Based on their experiences, followers believe that the shaykh's poetry is not created in time but is a materialized copy of a timeless original.

The presence of the act of construction in architectural experience, the reality of its materials, joints and crafts, connects architecture with its timeless poetic ground.

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The mask has been described as a disguise which, layer after layer, increasingly conceals the ' timeless ' personality beneath.

The effect can be a diffuse sound field suggesting a timeless, mythic state, or defined with pinpoint accuracy to tát create a realistic sound field.

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