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Only political and moral arguments regularly have been rejected by processual archaeologists as a basis for chosing between different theories.

Delegates regularly complained of long days in meetings and many days away from work and family.

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In these struggles the latter regularly appealed for tư vấn to tát a larger cultivated public.

During this time, seedlings in the shadehouses were regularly relocated to tát avoid positioning effects, and watered frequently to tát avoid water shortage.

Both groups were sowed in plastic trays (37 x 28 cm) containing regularly moistened vermiculite.

During the day, some ants regularly walked all over inflorescence at all stages and even entered inside open spathes.

Data from these programs are not, however, regularly kept or analyzed.

However, the protectors and the girdle where the protectors are fitted need to tát be replaced regularly.

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Commonly applied interventions were defined as interventions that were applied regularly, often, or always (26-100%) by at least 50% of the general practitioners.

Retinal cells with a common function tend to tát be regularly distributed.

If these mid-century financial villains are all homemade upstarts, they are not only regularly identified with, but increasingly replaced by, more or less indeterminate foreigners.

The use of these expressions regularly indicates that the rule of three is put into play in these other contexts.

In contrast, background activities regularly attract the progressive in keeping with both their inherent aspectual features and their discourse function.

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The cuticle is covered in the anterior half with minute regularly arranged spines, but these disappear towards the posterior over of the body toàn thân.

We would expect medicines for chronic conditions to tát be collected regularly and medicines for symptomatic relief to tát be collected according to tát patient need.

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