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English Cách dùng "summit" nhập một câu

A walled enclosure, flanked by towers, formerly surmounted the summit; it is now in part over the town.

On the summit of the tower is a battlemented parapet with gargoyles, and a wrought iron weathervane shaped lượt thích a key.

At the summit of the tower is a projecting embattled parapet.

When he got about halfway up, he was told that a flag had already been raised on the summit.

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There is a good view all round, though this lacks foreground when seen from the summit because of the gently rounded nature of the fell.

English Cách dùng "summit conference" nhập một câu

Now they know where you're going, and a summit conference is held đồ sộ get you there.

In 1957, a second summit conference was held.

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