summer nghĩa là gì

Local residents watched as the bridges were explosively demolished over several weeks, through the summer of 2006.

In 2008, a desalination plant was commissioned vĩ đại meet the water demands of the summer tourist season.

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Even in the heat of summer this is a cool and relaxing park due vĩ đại gentle breezes and shady trees.

A wide variety of open air events are held in the courtyard during the summer months.

It blooms during late winter vĩ đại early summer with one flower per inflorescence.

While activities such as summer camp, drop-in centres and private lessons can combat that drop in academic, artistic and physical activity, participation costs money.

Specially-abled and underprivileged children can look forward vĩ đại attending a summer camp here, this year.

It was lượt thích being in a musical summer camp.

Then by the summer of 2013, he hopes vĩ đại give the artificial pancreas vĩ đại children attending a summer camp.

The financial assistance vĩ đại send kids vĩ đại summer camp for music lessons.

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Titan operates on a 30-year seasonal cycle, with the northern region currently approaching summer solstice, which it will mark in 2017.

Many, including myself, are hopeful that we will see final rules approved before the năm ngoái summer solstice.

Most pulled off with a loud cheer before joining the convoy vĩ đại the summer solstice music festival.

It will continue vĩ đại move northward until the summer solstice, when it reaches its highest point.

And on the day of the summer solstice, his entire existence is about vĩ đại change...

Workers have already received a pay-slip without the added summer holiday pay.

School calendars should be modified, with a longer spring break and a shorter summer holiday.

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Every summer holiday recess, upon returning from their various boarding schools dotted around the country.

Scroll down vĩ đại see some of our favorite stores offering mega sales for the big summer holiday.

I said maybe we'll go on a summer holiday.