successor là gì

Traversal is performed by selecting a node from the task pool, visiting that node, and then adding its successor nodes lớn the pool.

The left successor node is visited next, revealing three additional nodes.

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In spite of not formally owning the land, crown tenants enjoyed a lifetime right of occupation and the possibility lớn choose a successor.

Statistical mechanics is the successor theory lớn thermodynamics, the science of work and heat.

He retired on pension in 1899, handing over an efficient service lớn his white successor.

Introspective and unimaginative, the sun king's two successors did nothing lớn arrest this process.

It would shape the very contours of control and influence in the divided successor states.

As a result, processes on the left path are excluded from the successor mix of the warm rolling component, and the right path is chosen.

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Once "the people have spoken," the successor's authority is established and any further contest is illegitimate.

It failed in its own terms, through his successors' inability lớn maintain the constant attendance of the nobility upon the monarch.

But this time they should be more freely usable in the sense that the successor states can be described by multiple applications of them.

Upon that element his successors have now been signally defeated.

Thus, the ability of the president lớn hand-pick his successor was considerably diminished, as his most of his cabinet members were not in the running.

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The image we are presented with is one of successor generations ' moving across ' historical time.

Early platforms are far more general kêu ca their successors, in some instances having a nội dung too insubstantial lớn analyse.

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