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She nonetheless stresses that models can offer substantive theoretical knowledge of the world.

These and other themes are developed in six substantive chapters.

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An authority that rests on substantive moral limitations is conceptually possible.

When district variables are not included, the effect of participation on constitutional tư vấn loses some statistical and substantive significance.

Correct khuông - doing and saying 'the right thing' - proved critical to tát resolving more substantive diplomatic and security issues.

The illustrative quotes have been edited f or ease of reading without making substantive changes.

These undermine many of the points he purports to tát make, on both small and substantive issues.

The lack of difficulty in practice suggests not that substantive constraints are not needed but that they are assumed.

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The book opens with a short introduction and continues with eight chapters organised asymmetrically in three substantive parts.

Finally, transformative state multiculturalism brings substantive diversity and strengthens indigenous critical consciousness.

Understanding the transformation in the parties' stance toward civil rights is critically important for both substantive and theoretical reasons.

The claim that what counts as following precedent is acting in the way dictated by the rationale is a substantive thesis.

Theoretical diversity also matches the substantive diversity of contemporary western politics, which is (despite the editors stated contrary intention) the primary focus of this encyclopedia.

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The second and third patterns refer to tát the presence of only one of those two qualities, which indicates a partial achievement of substantive democratization.

We therefore discuss signalling models in a number of the substantive contexts of this essay.

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