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The word permitted a nonscientific psychological preoccupation to lớn reappear as the subject of scientific experiment.

The verbal gerund, by contrast, can combine with adverbs, auxiliaries, ordinary objects, and common-case subjects.

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Aquatic organic matter is subject to lớn a hard-water error and is therefore not usable.

To test the role of purely spatial global properties, the luminance distribution in each image was subjected to lớn a spatial-frequency analysis.

The literature on this subject could have been strengthened by recent high-profile publications.

The order of the assessments (medical and psychological) was randomly assigned within each subject group.

In several instances, he returns to lớn subjects treated earlier in the book, such as children's education and the evolution from scrolls to lớn codices.

Only nine subjects actively refused to lớn participate in the study; the others were lost to lớn follow-up or failed to lớn return the consent size.

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These were replaced by the next highest reading time for that subject in that condition and at that position.

Correspondingly, adult subjects vì thế not favor the correct parabolic trajectory over other paths.

In both of these situations, social subjects enact authentication by historicizing their identities through claims of linguistic continuity with a valued past.

The same pronoun is used for both masculine and feminine individuals and for subject and object case roles.

Such regularities in conversations are the subject matter of sociolinguistics - the study of how social settings and roles influence language use.

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Some advocates of reform stressed the desirability of adding new subjects to lớn the curriculum, including modern sciences.

Every natural system is subject to lớn regular disturbances; those that have survived indeed must have built up some degree of resilience.

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