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The concept of space is thus common to lớn both these verbs: stellar space in the first, and open terrestrial space in the second.

As far as we know, matter on the large scale, and in particular stellar matter, appears to lớn be nearly neutral.

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Links between stellar and biological evolution will also be investigated.

I suggest that it is also important to lớn include stellar dynamics.

Making an allowance for this, and for significant differences in stellar parameters in several systems, there is reasonable agreement between their work and ours.

Comparison with our earlier work reveals that these results are not sensitive to lớn stellar properties as determined variously by stellar models and observations.

Our study considers different types of planetary continental growth models and takes into tài khoản a careful assessment of the stellar parameters.

Stellar variability, however, cannot be controlled by design, and must be dealt with on its own terms.

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A highprecision, wide-field, stellar photometer, designed to lớn perform continuous long-term observations of star systems will be onboard the spacecraft.

At sufficient stellar flux this will lead to lớn the rapid evaporation of all surface water.

The necessary condition for this mechanism to lớn work is the existence of a significant stellar magnetic field.

In the opinion of many, stellar parallax is the strongest evidence for a heliocentric model.

An accretion disk with vertical structure around a young stellar object is investigated, considering anomalous magnetic viscosity.

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Furthermore, plasma flows are ubiquitous in astrophysical contexts, such as magnetized accretion disks, collimated jets and stellar winds.

Therefore, interstellar panspermia events are related to lớn the average mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of stellar systems containing habitable planets.

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