slide tiếng anh là gì

It contains outbound area, cottages, restaurant, mini water park, semi olympic pool and body toàn thân slide.

After fixation, the slide is stained to tướng distinguish the cells from each other.

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Grinding is performed by sliding across the top of an obstacle, and can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Virtual slide telepathology is emerging as the technology of choice for telepathology services.

The barrel then stopped moving, while the slide continued rearwards, extracting and ejecting the fired cartridge case and loading a fresh cartridge from the magazine.

Together they discovered the so-called sliding filament theory, the underpinning idea on muscle contraction.

The rock was found to tướng be slowly crumbling and sliding towards the sea which lead to tướng concerns about the future of the monastery's structural stability.

The fifteen puzzle is the oldest type of sliding block puzzle.

His design had a sliding valve in the bowl outlet above the trap.

The cars had three hand-operated double sliding doors on each side and the cabs were fitted with unique elliptical windows.

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The man who hangs precariously out of the sliding door is the conductor.

Just open the back sliding door and stick the bottle in the nearest snowdrift.

Every woman, regardless of beauty, race, creed or age has encountered a man who's pulled the sliding door routine.

The sliding door to tướng the facility opens automatically at the drop of a coin whose value will be decided by the operator.

The garden-level apartment consists of a living room with a sliding door to tướng the garden, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a shower room.

Electrode pads then slide out of its nose and easy-to-follow labels make it a snap for anyone to tướng use.

When he stood up with the envelope, nobody knew a computer was going to tướng slide out of it.

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Thinness surely accounts for the ease with which dimes slide out of our purses, pockets and fingers.

Accessing each row is easy too with large sliding doors on both sides and second row seats that conveniently and easily tilt and slide out of the way.

Even with all the "controls" on it still slides out of control.