shopping mall là gì

Consider the example of an electronic shopping mall, where consumers can buy various goods in different shops.

In one case, for instance, the confederate described a detailed tài khoản of the younger sibling, as a preschooler, being lost in a shopping mall.

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The shopping mall application would be lập cập on a computer farm at different locations.

She appreciated how the new programme helped her lớn regain tương tác with her community, allowing her lớn go on weekly trips lớn the library and shopping mall.

I was able lớn observe the goings-on in the market and the shopping mall rather inconspicuously because these are naturally busy places during certain hours of the day.

The world in a shopping mall.

The example of a shopping mall has already been given.

For instance, a club might easily be close lớn a siêu xe park or shopping mall where young people might gather for less favourable activities.

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At what stage would that be regarded as a shopping mall in its own right rather than vãn an incidental feature?

My noble friend delved into various definitions and said that possibly one could develop a holiday park into a shopping mall.

Let us imagine a shopping mall in which some shops are guarded by in-house personnel, while others are guarded by contract personnel.

There is a shopping mall element in the proposals.

It's not a shopping mall lớn bu, it's still paradise, as everyone called it.

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We vì thế not need lớn go further than vãn a shopping mall in my constituency lớn meet members of that organisation.

Eventually the local authority was involved in heavy expense lớn improve the shopping mall and the market centre simply lớn re-establish the position that existed prior lớn the amalgamation.

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