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A sergeant and 12 men flanked the buildings and the remainder of the company advanced behind the lead group.

The sergeant is then seen wiping names off of the blackboard from under his name.

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He rose to tát the rank of master sergeant in an infantry regiment before leaving in early 1914 to tát work as a court clerk.

Graduating enlisted pilots were graded as flight staff sergeants while pilots who graduated at the top of their class were graded as flight technical sergeants.

There also existed schools for under-officers and sergeants, often part of the draft service for distinguished soldiers, as a step towards the professional military career.

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Sergeant major general was third in command in an army, after the general and the lieutenant general.

Aquarium literature of the time suggests that the most commonly kept marine fish were the percula clownfish, sergeant major damselfish, small, brackish-water pufferfish and scats, jeweled blennies, and xanh lơ damsels.

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In the 17th century, the sergeant of the colonel was the sergeant major.

The older position became known as sergeant major general to tát distinguish it.

In 1968, the rank of command sergeant major was established.