sequestration là gì

For instance, net growth in cultivated tree stocks increases carbon sequestration and storage capacity.

This range depends on the extent to lớn which carbon sequestration benefits are considered.

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Moreover, colorflowmapping delineated die anomalous vessels supplying the pulmonary sequestration.

Low returns to lớn soil carbon sequestration per hectare also Gọi into question the efficiency of individual payments.

This includes the need to lớn reduce nutrient emissions in grassland agriculture, and also the role of grassland in biodiversity protection, carbon sequestration and landscape quality.

For agroforestry projects to lớn compete in carbon markets, their sequestration cost needs to lớn be lower than vãn the market price of carbon.

It also results in an increase in the capture or sequestration of carbon in soils, which is one means of reducing net carbon emissions.

These benefits include locally consumed non-timber products, biodiversity prospecting, ecotourism, carbon sequestration, soil and water conservation, and option and existence values.

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It is argued that land conservation policies bring substantial net global benefits through carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation.

A dynamic optimization model of conservation agriculture adoption is presented, where farmers optimize over expected utility of profits from agriculture and carbon sequestration.

In this case, values arise from the depletion of mangroves in the region, such as wood, fishing, recreation, carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

This expression has several implications for analysis of adoption of soil carbon sequestration practices.

The formation of the stacked lamellae would seem to lớn be an energy-wasteful process and not to lớn be directly the consequence of glycogen sequestration.

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Management of antenatally diagnosed pulmonary sequestration associated with congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation.

The sequestration of carbon by the forest after logging will depend on the rate of forest regeneration.

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