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Probably implanted oxygen ions act as scavengers of electrons or of atomic and molecular hydrogen, promoting the formation of water molecular fragments.

Free radical scavengers ameliorate the 2-cell block in mouse embryo culture.

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Photocatalytic oxidation of organic substrates requires an electron acceptor, light of the proper wavelength, and low concentrations of catalyst fouling agents or interfering radical scavengers.

A way of reducing these administrative costs is vĩ đại target the subsidy vĩ đại organized scavengers groups.

Our knowledge of the signalling potential of different scavenger receptor members is rudimentary.

Impairment of the scavenger function of the reticuloendothelial cell system further contributes vĩ đại reduced hepatic blood flow and ischaemic necrosis.

We argue that, for developing countries, the environmental subsidy should be aimed at favoring scavengers' activity.

Other investigators have extrapolated changes that occur in endogenous radical scavengers as a measure of radical production.

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When they became full, municipal or private scavengers cleaned them, usually at the owner's expense.

The raven is known as acting as a scavenger, competing with and often outwitting the dogs and even the hunters.

They are known không lấy phí radical scavengers and metal chelators.

Despite the significant contribution vĩ đại waste recovery and recycling, the role of scavengers in solid waste management is still not properly acknowledged.

Finally, photocatalytic oxidation of the desired species may be inhibited by the presence of catalyst fouling agents and radical scavengers.

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Ruminants can utilize low quality forages while swine and poultry are good grain scavengers.

From the 1890s municipalities increasingly took over direct management of solid waste disposal, a task previously contracted out vĩ đại private scavengers.

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