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The aim is lớn provide a more scalable network management system.

We plan lớn study whether alternative designs for the table data structure can obtain scalable speedups even when frequently updating tables.

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The communication abstraction provides scalable content-based messaging and manages system heterogeneity and dynamism.

We use a modular, adaptive, scalable and robust agent architecture, combining principled methods and empirical knowledge.

In order lớn handle the large and growing data sizes, scalable parallel algorithms are required.

A scalable algorithm for answering queries using views.

Then, the question is what knowledge representation method gives us access lớn unlimited, scalable information?

The approach is efficient, fast and scalable, and is easily adapted lớn new domains and lớn new languages.

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Unfortunately, current approaches lớn planning under uncertainty are not scalable: they focus on small problems where the challenge is finding an optimal solution.

Nuclear fusion: fast heating scalable lớn laser fusion ignition.

We per formed several measurements designed lớn differentiate the scalable filter versus steerable filter hypotheses for surround effects in simple cells.

The formation control can be centralized or decentralized and scalable lớn any number of robots.

The method proposed in this research is simple, efficient, accurate, and scalable, and is suited for practical situations as shown by the numerical simulations and hardware experiments.

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The demanding system requirements, in addition lớn the complex and ever-changing domain name, suggested a highly flexible and scalable architecture as well as a quite sophisticated control software.

Up lớn 109 particles and 108 mesh cells can be used with the single processor performance 0.5 ms/particle, linearly scalable up lớn several hundreds nodes.

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