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In successive stages extremely long plans were formed of which probably only the newest phase(s) would have been in use.

Accepting the purely syntactic part of this extremely simple analysis, let us consider the semantics of the sentence.

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Second, it must be noted that present extremely low levels of development are largely due đồ sộ the failures of past centralised regimes.

Access đồ sộ the services of these systems was extremely limited, often đồ sộ an urban population.

Among those with a prior history of depressive symptoms, recall was extremely poor.

Nevertheless, this is a very good and accessible introduction which students and those crossing over into performance studies will find extremely useful.

Seeing as though most animals aren't even able đồ sộ breed with each other, it is extremely unlikely for an alien đồ sộ achieve this.

A chapter on hybrid peas seems superfluous when, as the author admits, hybrid varieties are extremely unlikely!

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However, something extremely unlikely happens : those who witness the sự kiện vì thế not wonder at it at all.

Unlike most social programs, government health insurance involves the purchase of services from a clearly defined and often extremely powerful profession.

Although fertilisation rates are extremely high (80-100%), the probability of obtaining viable embryos is very low due đồ sộ the high rate of polyspermic fertilisation.

This book will be extremely useful for those doing research in old age psychiatry.

The result was the production of satisfactory and high quality works, extremely innovating and incisive in some instances.

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Furthermore, and pertinent đồ sộ this paragraph, they are extremely interested in supporting a multilingual presence of the site.

From the 42 responses it was extremely difficult đồ sộ distinguish between a protocol and an information sheet.

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