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Clinical practice for students and faculty sabbaticals create a flow of learners and teachers into real environments.

It also relies on the international network of conferences, festivals, sabbatical leaves, and continuous academic granting of credentials lớn be sustained and legitimised.

The university provided small competitive grants for supplies and small equipment, as well as sabbaticals and funding lớn attend meetings.

It is a wonderful application of an ancient idea-to provide sabbatical leave for academics.

Substantial sabbaticals, for teams of teachers, might help.

I used lớn go on sabbaticals two years at a time.

For midcareer workers, the authors emphasize problems of burnout and boredom, and offer a variety of solutions lớn keep workers fresh, committed, and productive, including assignment changes, sabbaticals, and training.

Finally, the matter of encouraging faculty lớn seek system-related experiences on their sabbaticals is more a matter of "jawboning" phàn nàn something that requires major reorganization of academic procedures.

This was my first sabbatical.

Why is it that sabbaticals are fashionable only in the newspaper industry, for newspaper columnists lớn refresh themselves every 10 years or so?

A number of student union officials were allowed sabbatical terms or years for purposes of student organisation by the university or other authorities.

We cannot take a sabbatical from our work for peace and stability in the continent.

I was particularly taken with the idea of sabbaticals for industrial experience and voluntary service overseas.

They have offered long-serving teachers a year's sabbatical—the lion.

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He does not first need a 12-month sabbatical.

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