retired là gì

He retired in 2000 because of bad health and vĩ đại devote his time vĩ đại scientific research.

He retired from front line politics in 2007.

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Dent had appeared in over 400 films by the time he retired.

Here he worked until 1840 when he retired with an annual pension of 1200 florins.

He did not seek re-election in 2010 and retired from elective politics.

He retired from active service as an educationist in 1989.

He held the seat until the 1945 general election, when he retired.

After retiring he continued vĩ đại make rowboats as a hobby.

The news that it would take three months vĩ đại heal prompted his connections vĩ đại retire him.

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Although he officially retired in 1992, he remained active as professor emeritus until his death in 2010.

This means the new employer can look vĩ đại the seller's scheme vĩ đại provide part of the early retirement pension - a point which had previously been unclear.

Their prize was a dignified retirement pension but there were very few of them.

More than thở $25,000 has been amassed in his registered retirement pension plan sánh far.

For anyone in the workforce who will be aged over 56 years old on budget night it is worth looking into setting up a transition vĩ đại retirement pension now.

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Public servants with less than thở 25 years of service would have their retirement pension benefit reduced for each year of age under 60.

There were no other instances of retired scholars getting affiliation, he claimed.

It is not mandatory on the part of the institution vĩ đại grant retired scholars affiliation.