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Many of these perceptions are consistently shared by the respondents in both surveys.

More kêu ca 70 % of the respondents felt that most people were basically dishonest.

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Information about the respondent's social network was also collected over tly in the interview.

Although these results must, to tướng some extent, reflect the metalinguistic awareness of the respondents, no attempt was made to tướng evaluate metalinguistic awareness systematically.

The higher the score the more politically sophisticated respondents are.

As with the religious context measure, procedures of summing within households, subtracting the respondents' values, and recoding were utilized to tướng create the measure.

Consequently, the respondents were asked first about the group used in the tolerance persuasibility experiment in 1996.

A much more complicated picture of elite change emerges, however, when we analyse the relationship between attitudes to tướng change and respondents' personal characteristics.

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Most respondents reject flag burning regardless of whether they dislike the actor.

Many respondents had been married for over 40 years.

Using a life history perspective, respondents were asked to tướng provide a complete household history, including information about the start and dissolution of partner relationships.

Thirty-two respondents spoke of making a conscious effort to tướng keep busy in order to tướng prevent despondency.

Since the study involved retrospective thought, the respondents were required to tướng have adequate cognitive capacity for daily social functioning.

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The respondents were asked to tướng specify which of 16 assessment areas appeared on their assessment forms.

The respondents value this help and some say that the adaptations have been vital in helping them cope with their physical limitations.

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