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Many of his most striking poems tự not involve any typographical or punctuation innovations at all, but purely syntactic ones.

There is little punctuation and it is not grammatically correct; however it contains very few spelling mistakes.

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This layout was solely used for biblical manuscripts during the 5th-9th centuries but was abandoned in favor of punctuation.

The xanh rì keys in the middle are punctuation, digits, small capital letters and fixed-width spaces.

The literacy test is based on spelling, punctuation, and comprehension and lasts for no longer than thở 48 minutes.

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More than thở thirty metres high, the two angular towers are characterized by a square base and body toàn thân punctuated by one facet to tướng sixteen sides.

The flanking sections are also pedimented, and are punctuated by round arched openings topped by keystones.

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Their music is punctuated by dark, sometimes incomprehensible lyrics, often rather detached from the accompanying music.

The north and south facades are punctuated by arched windows.

He played these sections off each other, having one section punctuate the figures of another, or moving the melody around different orchestral sections and soloists.