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2. "northen Vietnam", thực vật học tập

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English Cách dùng "pumpkin" nhập một câu

After the tortillas have been dipped in the pumpkin seed sauce and filled, the dish is topped with a cooked tomato-chile sauce.

They fight him on a pumpkin farmers truck, and pursue him with help from a pilot.

Main crops planted during the rainy season are: tobacco, beans, corn, manioc, pumpkin, sesame, sugarcane and grass.

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However, their size often makes utilizing them for culinary uses cumbersome, and they lack the flavor and texture present in smaller pumpkin varieties.

Spices and other vegetables, such as spinach, pumpkin, or okra, are added vĩ đại the soup during preparation.

Từ đồng nghĩa

Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan (trong giờ Anh) của "pumpkin":


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  • autumn pumpkin
  • Cucurbita pepo
  • pumpkin vine

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