property developer là gì

The owners put forward an appeal against the non-conviction of the property developer two years ago.

Let us suppose that it had been not a borough council, but a property developer.

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I refer to tát a private company, a group of ports, a property developer or a foreign purchaser.

This means that, considered brutally in exclusively economic terms, they are uneconomic buildings, and this makes them a standing temptation to tát the property developer.

We have argued that the property developer need bother only about profit.

Railtrack acts privately in its functions as a commercial property developer.

As he shows, the real force in planning, is not planning procedures but the property developer.

The management company that is determined by the property developer is a subsidiary of that company.

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The site is also available to tát any property developer wishing to tát construct factory units for leasing to tát small businesses.

Furthermore, this wrongly gave the impression that financing the building with the help of the property developer was an indirect khuông of financing.

Here we come to tát the conflict between the conservationist and the property developer.

The property developer who in the past has developed our towns and cities is solely concerned with making the maximum profit from a town centre.

I am an engineer, not a property developer or a financier.

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These have been sold off to tát a property developer.

That creates a discrimination between the normal property developer and the industrialist who develops on his own land.

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