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I enthusiastically a promising candidate.

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His already well-established popularity was made even greater by his promising beginnings as a film-director in 1917.

A promising method of estimating the population is to tát monitor the bats' echolocation calls.

In these cases, the words are also taken as significant actions: the act of informing and promising (respectively).

Wide-bandgap semiconductors are especially promising, e.g. gallium nitride and indium gallium nitride.

Being a mountain town the potential for winter tourism is also promising.

These followed in 1796 by territorial mandate promises for 25 up to tát 500 francs.

The declaration also includes a promise to tát preserve their marriage if marital difficulties arise.

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The troops were not eager for the upcoming fight, which promised no booty.

Most tracks start with some creative promise, only to tát devolve into generic riffs.

Genetic engineering has shown promise for treating certain forms of cancer.

He retracted, however, his offer, and as the result of an action for breach of promise of marriage had to tát pay 3,000 damages.

In jurisdictions where people can still take an action to tát court for breach of promise to tát marry, these are also some of the defences that can be pleaded.

Would that arrest, therefore, have been a breach of promise?

And you are clear about one thing that arresting him was a mistake; it was a breach of promise.

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The defendant subsequently repudiated his obligation to tát register the marriage, and the plaintiff claimed damages for seduction and breach of promise to tát marry.