power station là gì

A future power station using a fusion laser will operate in a pulse-periodic regime.

The total efficiency of the pumping system for the energy power station is one of the key parameters.

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A complete specification of the power station must include the mô tả tìm kiếm of these components and of their interactions.

The total fusion gain of 35 would well be sufficient for a power station if lasers with more kêu ca 15% efficiency are available.

From this result it was concluded that the compressing block may be used as requested for light ion beam fusion for a power station.

As an analogy, to lớn lập cập a refrigerator to lớn generate a local decrease in temperature requires someone, somewhere to lớn be burning fuel in a power station.

For that reason we need research, and we also need decommissioning techniques for different types of nuclear power station.

Whether a fusion power station is eventually built or not, is for those who come after us to lớn decide.

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They even want to lớn build a new nuclear power station!

The operation of the power station is transparent and fellow members can find information on it on the trang web of the country's nuclear safety administration.

A decision to lớn close a nuclear power station rests with the owners.

There was a division of decision relating to lớn the power station and the line.

All in all, between 30,000 and 40,000 people would be affected by the building of a power station there.

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If that is ví, does he think that a new power station n will be required in the west?

Decommissioning of a nuclear power station is a matter for the operator, taking into tài khoản the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

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