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A Clip quartet surrounded by 3 tons of potatoes dedicated đồ sộ gastronomy art.

The state is also the largest producer of honey, dry edible peas and beans, lentils, and the third largest producer of potatoes.

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Sandwiches typically include simply a choice of potato, whereas entres include access đồ sộ the Búp Phê.

Historically, this has usually been done using gels made from potato starch, but acrylamide gels provide better resolution.

Common thickeners include cannellini beans, chickpeas, breadcrumbs or cubed potatoes.

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Cassava and camote (sweet potato) are grown as supplementary staple crops.

Certain crops are abundantly produced including rice, corn, sweet potato, taro, and cassava.

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When sweet potatoes and rice crops were planted in fields adjacent đồ sộ each other, the sweet potato weevil infestation level dropped.

It is registered on rice (seed treatment), and corn (soil treatment), with potential uses on cốt tông, sweet potato, bulb onion and potato.

Cassava, yam, cocoa yam, sweet potato, pepper, okra and rice are some of its farm produce.