pitcher là gì

Things seems to lớn be natural extensions of her hands - spoon, warming pot, ladle, pitchers with handles, cup, glass, and pestle.

Catchers flash signs in code to lớn the pitcher as they crouch behind the plate.

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The preparation of a meal involves many things - spoons, dishes, glasses, pitchers - and a certain facility in the use of those things.

It is the possibility of doing this which is indicative of the fact that this is a pitcher and not a bottle.

Players remain pluripotential lượt thích stem cells, yet to lớn make their way toward differentiation as infielders (mesoderm), outfielders (ectoderm), or pitchers or catchers (endoderm).

A pitcher who is dominant can single-handedly score a victory without much help from his mates.

For example, a woman tips a pitcher over a glass in one frame, and in the next, she is gone and the glass is full.

Fountains that flow, so sánh that therein dipped may the pitchers be.

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A good pitcher has a whole array of pitches in his arsenal.

If the fountain or stream was far from the house, or the woman was unable to lớn walk, running water was suggested by pouring water from a pitcher onto the hearth.

The chorus begins with an evocation of a pastoral scene, a flowing fountain where women come to lớn dip their pitchers for water, in language that is also flowing.

While these conceptual and perceptual data are grossly incompatible with any law of classical mechanics, including medieval impetus theory, they accurately describe the movement of the pitcher's arm.

The visual nature of pitchers involves the knowledge that there are things that can be done to lớn them which make a protrusion (the handle) appear and disappear.

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Unlike a bottle, an object lượt thích a pitcher with a handle can be rotated and the handle made to lớn appear and disappear behind the body toàn thân of the pitcher.

Get to lớn first base to lớn hit a single off the pitcher and advance to lớn the first base; (figurative meaning) to lớn make an initial advance or progress with someone or something.

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