pipe dream là gì

Perhaps it would simply prove that clarifying the law was a pipe dream.

This may seem a pipe dream, but pipe dreams sometimes come true.

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I am sure that he and everyone else will agree that at present that must be a pipe dream.

So far, many governments have found this to tát be a pipe dream.

She got it wrong when she reported bu as saying that my amendment was radical and a pipe dream.

It is a mere pipe dream for them.

The challenge that we face is how to tát translate that pipe dream into reality.

That is not a pipe dream; it is a realistic and achievable aim.

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The consultation document of 1976 referred to tát this as a pipe dream.

It is not a pipe dream; it is realistic and also modern.

Something ví often denounced as a pipe dream, as an illusion, is now becoming reality.

Totally banning the nuclear market at this time is a fantasy for the rich and a theoretical pipe dream about man's future!

Shutting ourselves off from the international market today is a mere pipe dream: it is not only impossible but it would also be damaging.

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Even to tát talk about it was a pipe dream, as was the possibility of a pension scheme.

There was a time when this looked lượt thích an empty pipe dream.

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