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However, the bulky and/or perishable nature of agricultural commodities makes such transactions logistically difficult with potentially high transactions costs.

It might once have been dressed with perishable materials that have disappeared with the passage of time.

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In this model, there is no production, but each agent receives endowments of a single, perishable consumption good.

Vegetables are also a highly perishable commodity and therefore sellers are price takers who cannot wait for an upswing in prices.

This situation contrasts with other craft specialties, whose debris may be perishable or not predictably related vĩ đại output.

The replicas were formed on a base of perishable material, perhaps stucco and / or wood, that represented the bony par ts of the maxilla.

It consists of a large number of two types of agents who produce a single perishable consumption good.

There may also be savings in energy and air emissions from more efficient transport of less perishable products.

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This pointed vĩ đại a strategy vĩ đại identify high-value and preferably perishable crops.

Because the product is perishable, it became clear that some sort of preservation would facilitate marketing and freezing that was the best option.

One unit of the single (perishable) output is produced for each unit of labor.

Traditional theories of property reflect ideas on the distribution of diminishable, perishable or scarce property - characteristics that vì thế not apply vĩ đại intellectual objects.

I am sorry vĩ đại say, the great tendency of this age is vĩ đại expend its genius in perishable art of this kind.

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Seventeen of these had been deposited upright in a massed cluster and very likely originally held food or other perishable offerings.

Paralogics are perishable too, one just replaces something bad with something worse.

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