once nghĩa là gì

Once in the counselling room, there are around 40 terminals at which students can make their choice.

Once bonded vĩ đại them, it is quite territorial and makes an excellent guard dog.

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He promised vĩ đại leave politics once the situation was stabilized and hand over power vĩ đại a civilian body toàn thân.

Once more frequent, they are used for delivering new software versions and other improvements which are not related vĩ đại security.

Greater recorded snowfall amounts are generally recorded once every 5 vĩ đại 10 years.

It was at once incredibly stressful, and deeply rewarding.

Wood became the first vĩ đại use a circular saw vĩ đại tốc độ the cutting and a gluing process that could make 144 pencils at once.

When foods are too large vĩ đại be swallowed at once, they will sometimes be shaken in the bill until they fall apart into pieces.

It has a side-breaking cylinder that opens vĩ đại the left and uses a star-ejector vĩ đại eject all the spent shells at once.

No bureaucrat can obstruct discussion on the mạng internet or censor thousands of channels at once.

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We once again give our condolences and put our hearts together.

This improvement once again dramatically improved the firmness of the fit.

It's at this point where the calf is fair game once again.

He lasted only one tournament in "makuuchi" and a series of poor performances back in "jry" saw him demoted vĩ đại "makushita" once again.

Once again, the town had become a hive of activity.

Starting in 1895, union began vĩ đại be officially discussed once more.

By the abscission bad once more and the finance problems the summer break became in 2010 for the fans the test of patience.

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After declining a third election, he gave himself once more entirely vĩ đại his editorial work.

Its limited distribution and being the sole survivor of a once more widespread genus give it a high priority for conservation.

The sự kiện was once more mainly không tính tiền vĩ đại access.