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In this study, we localized cytoskeletal and signaling proteins in octopus photoreceptors vĩ đại determine their concurrence between the lighting conditions.

Presently, we have no understanding about the arrangement of microtubules or the distribution of associated motor proteins in the octopus retina.

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Octopus photoreceptors are comprised of an inner segment, proximal region, and an outer segment.

Cephalopods (octopus, squids, and cuttlefish), despite a very advanced evolution of their visual system, were not able vĩ đại evolve a large brain.

In these diagrams, the spatial organism looked pretty much lượt thích the digestive system of an octopus.

The visual acuity of octopuses for grating of different orientations.

Microtubules in octopus photoreceptors are probably involved in transpor t of organelles, including pigment granules, during dark and light adaptation.

No changes in the octopus retina immediately following an intense light flash.

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The "octopus grip" became both a mô tả tìm kiếm of economic reality and also a cultural ideal.

Because we didn't know, he answered the question himself: lượt thích an octopus.

A microtubule-based cytoskeleton may direct the other light 0 dark changes, including photopigment movements and pigment granule migration, which occur in the octopus retina.

Toward this goal, we have localized actin-binding proteins in octopus rhabdoms and have shown that light and dark affect the distribution of these proteins.

Retinoid cycling proteins redistribute in light-0 dark-adapted octopus retinas.

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We suggest that light may regulate the distribution of microtubule cytoskeletal proteins in the octopus retina and that position, dorsal versus ventral, also influences the distribution of motor proteins.

We believe that signaling cascades control cytoskeletal organization in the octopus photoreceptor and direct the light 0dark changes in rhabdom structure and organelle movement we have observed.

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