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Evidence for channeling of intermediates in the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway by soybean and pea nodule extracts, yeast extracts, and purified yeast enzymes.

A firm, well circumscribed nodule with a homogenous pale purple cut surface was found in the right adrenal gland.

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Today, nodule formation is known to tướng occur through complex interactions between plant and microbial processes whose biological, biochemical and genetic aspects have been much studied.

While tumor development is generally solitary, all glands can demonstrate varying numbers of hyperplastic nodules and foci.

All larvae and immature worms were contained in a nodule, and each nodule contained only a single worm.

The acute stage consists of an erythematous weeping nodule.

In this study, however, individuals with detectable nodules but no microfilariae in their skin snips were considered to tướng be infected.

The termites utilize the fungal nodules and the fungus combs are degraded by the fungi.

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Cysts were embedded in the caudal muscles of fish, appearing as brown nodules in the caudal region.

Conditions did not permit total prevention of contamination of untreated plants during nodule development and the subsequent experiment.

The nodules were cleaned with 0-2 % iodine in ethanol, and hairs, pads and bones were removed.

All nodules, regardless of the time recovered, were small, measuring 3+6 milimet in diameter, and were located in the submucosal layer.

The nodules are dispersed throughout a clay and haematite-rich matrix.

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This article describes the role of diagnostic techniques and discusses the indication of surgery for pulmonary nodules in breast cancer patients.

However, a small number of chert nodules are concretionary.

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