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Các ví dụ của seriousness


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Officials failed đồ sộ anticipate its seriousness and when evidence trickled in of urban joblessness, they downplayed its significance.

What is considered in this paper are the implications of perceptions of seriousness on initiatives for early detection.

At what degree of seriousness does legal trouble become crime?

Three overlapping frameworks help đồ sộ explain why individuals have certain perceptions about the seriousness of type 2 diabetes.

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A political framework views seriousness in terms of national incentives and priorities, a recognized need for a centralized push for early detection and nancial inducements.

All of which reinforced their belief in its seriousness.

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The seriousness of the game can be gauged by what become, in some cases, its transnational dimensions.

A personal framework suggests that perceptions of seriousness are determined by individual attitudes, knowledge and experiences of diabetes.

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