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There was diffuse fibrous thickening of the mural endocardium, involving all the cardiac chambers.

It is particularly the mural leaflet that is either absent or exhibits downward displacement of its hingepoints.

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Production of cloned calves following nuclear transfer with cultured adult mural granulosa cells.

Some people found the depiction of industrial activity distasteful, and assumed the murals were highlighting poor workers' conditions.

This maneuver fills the gap left by the nonfunctional mural and septal leaflets.

The normal tricuspid valve has septal, antero-superior, and mural or inferior leaflets.

There was a highly significant reduction in cavity dimension and a marked increase in the mural thickness of the systemic ventricle.

Big and/or tetraploid cells could be preferentially allocated vĩ đại the mural trophectoderm in several ways.

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In cases with an extremely small cavity, the mural hypertrophy had obliterated the apical and outlet components of the right ventricular cavities.

In each group lesson, the teacher introduces a new theme, reads the story, and discusses the mural, with the children seated in a circle.

The mural thickness of both ventricles was 8-9 milimet.

The main cause of restriction is attachment of the mural leaflet vĩ đại the ventricular wall by shortened cords.

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It is the origin of the septal and posteroinferior (mural) leaflets which is displaced into the right ventricle.

On the contrary, the ventricular components are evident, but their cavities have been "squeezed out" by the mural hypertrophy.

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