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Of course, monsters can be upbeat too, as other countless cases of supermen testify.

Transgressive terms for monsters and occult demiurges are another area in which the register is frankly an effort to lớn come to lớn grips with radical alterity.

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Since cupids had to lớn dance to lớn the monster's music, and shepherds to lớn that of the satyrs, the music needed to lớn be kept fairly neutral.

We are becoming aware that we live in a world of hybrid things, or monsters, that vì thế not belong to lớn either realm.

Making monsters is an ideological working-through of this dissenting identity.

Such children, it is feared, grow up to lớn become uncivilised little monsters and may pose a threat to lớn other children as well as to lớn their communities.

Humans look outward at this and other death-associated monsters from a position of life, much as they look outward at rivers or ethnonymic others in geographic space.

A note on the epidemiology of acardiac monsters.

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One problem with multi-author volumes of this sort is that they become monsters to lớn organize and complete, and it's obvious that the contributions are of various vintages.

She gives the example of an office and asks the readers how their offices operate - with monsters of prudence all around or also with some love, including trust and friendship.

The monsters, as prompt note 26 indicates, enter from the wings.

Intrigued, she fashions an artificial replacement for the throat of the deceased enemy and teaches herself to lớn use it ví as to lớn reproduce the monster's lament.

If we take the example of relativisyntactic monsters are not ex nihilo creations, zation strategies, it is very difficult to lớn draw coming out of the xanh xao.

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Scandalous monsters of nature/culture - such as holes of ozone, depredated tropical rain forests, endangered animal and plant species, and tailored human genes - would there have place and voice.

Ghosts, it seems, cannot thrive without battening on what we already know, or imagine we once knew: they are not quite monsters, nor are they quite familiar.

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