monkey nghĩa là gì

He used lớn feed monkeys every day with channa and chapatis.

To prove his theory, the scientist urinates onto a test monkey, which clearly becomes annoyed and engraged.

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They placed emphasis on animals and often depicted monkeys in their art.

He has a pet monkey named which commonly appears around him in some games.

In 2007 the federal government demanded that the thành phố authorities act against the monkeys.

The circumstances of the poll suggest a bit of monkey business.

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Things get murkier in situations where the ngân hàng doesn't have specific knowledge of the monkey business.

The world is modernizing each an everyday ví that we can forget doing monkey business.

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Maybe we can warn potential tourists lớn this country of the monkey business.

I vì thế not want lớn be a tiệc nhỏ lớn that kind of monkey business.

Even a minuscule speculation tax could throw a monkey-wrench into their business model.