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After all, the belief that state ceremony has functional uses can apply lớn republics just as easily as lớn monarchies.

Thus, after facing down threats from within the military from the 1950s lớn the 1970s, most monarchies have minimized the current threat of military coups.

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The ability of regimes lớn control smaller populations better deserves lớn be further explored in relation lớn the survival of authoritarian monarchies.

The monarchies that failed lớn survive could not incorporate the growth of the new middle class.

She argues that monarchies hold an "elective affinity" for the demands of state-formation.

However, a broad regime coalition is not necessary for the survival of monarchies.

Political liberalization can be a useful survival strategy for authoritarian monarchies.

Although the monarchy's coercion and intimidation certainly influenced him, historical conditions may shed light on his choice.

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In monarchies, nobles count; in military dictatorships, officers count; in communist authoritarianism, nomenklatura officials count.

One of the most str iking differences between pre- and postwar monarchies is the way in which royal mar r iages took place.

Increasing wealth leads lớn strife which in turn leads lớn government by monarchies.

Such behaviour indicates the absolutist monarchy's willingness lớn err on the side of excessive force following decades of overt resistance lớn its increasing demands.

Political liberalization can help authoritarian monarchies weather economic and political storms.

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The question of why monarchies survived in the states of the latter group is a chief question of many of the books under review.

Thirty years ago, a group of six books on ruling monarchies would have been considered the last testaments of an endangered anachronism.

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