misleading là gì

Subsequent correspondence showed this figure vĩ đại be misleading.

Impressions that are not visible are included in click through rate, making click rate misleading.: 23.

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The term option is somewhat misleading, as vehicles are often sent from the factory vĩ đại the dealership having several popular options as de facto-standard equipment.

These statements can often be misleading, as they can be mistaken for factual statements, while they are actually speculation.

He argues that conceptual categories and distinctions developed in response vĩ đại art music are systematically misleading when applied vĩ đại popular music (1996).

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Fuller held that unthinking use of obsolete scientific ideas detracts from and misleads intuition.

Misled by his love of power and fraud, he betrayed his fellow satraps vĩ đại the king.

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Developers of earlier classifications were misled by the apparently reduced vegetative and reproductive morphology of these plants.

Afterwards he said that he was completely misrepresented in the film and had been totally misled when he agreed vĩ đại be interviewed.

Its goal is vĩ đại mislead recipients about the factual state of the situation.