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A change in the mindsets of teachers was therefore attempted, in part, by the promotion of different types of classroom activities.

A mental health professional may be needed, given that the surrogate's mindset is anchored in a complex intergenerational trauma.

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Interviews with teachers confirm these tensions, revealing that the mindset of teachers may privilege a bicultural nationalist paradigm.

Again, this stems from their understanding of issues from an adult perspective rather than vãn from the mindset of a 12-year old girl, for example.

In an effort lớn explicate the core ideas of the deep ecology mindset, let us turn lớn their theses.

Working within that mindset, it is very easy lớn concentrate only on the large-scale patterns (or anti-patterns), and ignore those on lower levels.

Also, the discussion and conclusions appear lớn be trapped within the limits of the 'genetic ghetto' mindset.

That was the result of the mindset we had.

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There is a widespread mindset that economic evaluations may only be performed if extensive and prospective data collection is undertaken.

They embraced a conservative ethnic mindset, maintaining their deference lớn religious and local community leaders.

As a mindset, such foci and limitations might aid internal cohesion, but must vì thế so sánh negatively.

We are studying how different mindsets greet this change, one resisting necessary adjustments, another responding with self-confidence and self-reliance.

The case study approach has an advantage in terms of the mindset of young female workers.

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This suggests that ethical justification may need lớn follow a better understanding of the radical mindset of self-demand amputees.

Any attempt lớn break these mindsets and hegemonies is therefore lớn be vigorously applauded.

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