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These results suggest that differences between species have a strong influence on the potential for different microorganisms to tướng be preserved by fossilization.

One could hypothesize the existence of microorganisms that can tolerate this level of sulphuric acid that have not yet been discovered.

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Competition between bacterial populations in a community causes a succession of microorganisms and may lead to tướng the dominance of some species.

They include, in fact, both pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms responsible for various diseases in the host.

Simulation experiments with artificial halite suggested that these microorganisms possibly survived while enclosed in fluid inclusions.

The majority of attempts to tướng isolate microorganisms from such samples have been unsuccessful, showing that most of the fluorescent-stained cells are viable, but non-culturable bacteria.

To examine microbial responses, we inoculated these solutions and wet carbonaceous chondrite meteorites with microorganisms.

Therefore, the microbial loading and subsequent growth of microorganisms during the pretreatment facilitated seed germination.

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These observations emphasise that an essential factor in reducing the translocation of microorganisms is the removal of material that might contain them.

Chickens, feed and water equipment were handled with gloved and 70 % alcohol-disinfected hands to tướng prevent the spreading of microorganisms between pens.

The indication is that the microorganisms in these samples from both planets died during the latter part of first injection cycles.

The particles may be atoms, molecules, colloids or microorganisms.

They are based on direct observation of microorganisms in other environments that are within our reach in the solar system.

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It is estimated less phàn nàn 10% of all the microorganisms are known at present.

Reduction or elimination of microorganisms that would otherwise successfully compete with foodborne pathogens may lead to tướng overgrowth of pathogens that might survive the treatment.

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