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Similarly, the first names of characters in the book are mentioned over and over in a mostannoying fashion.

In addition, some of the most interesting recent findings and controversies are either not mentioned or are given short shrift.

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Both decisions are in line with the second goal mentioned above.

As mentioned, we use complex index terms not to tát replace single-word index terms, but to tát complement them.

As mentioned earlier, however, cast information in this period is extremely difficult to tát obtain.

What is mentioned is not the formation of two-, four- or eight-bar sections, but a motivic structure that will serve to tát create unity.

Because of the censors, audience dissatisfaction could be mentioned in only the most circumspect way.

Names mentioned by par ticipants in the conversations have been changed.

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One final effect of context and high frequency of use should be mentioned.

Of course, our work on observational equivalence mentioned above also applies mutatis mutandi to tát this system.

Indeed, they mentioned that they would be unable to tát compete in the market if they paid tax.

Respondents mentioned several politician-owned companies which allegedly have never paid tax.

Later, after the definition, it is mentioned that this is simply the same as direct application of the functor to tát the predicate.

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If t, u are equated in the model, then, in particular, (t) = (u) for the environment mentioned above, and #t tr #u.

In the figures, only non-zero labels are mentioned, and only edges with a non-zero label are drawn.

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