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These algal mats are said to tát be rich in phosphates, nitrogen, organic matter, and cation-exchange capacity.

No negotiation was undertaken about whether she could keep the mat.

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There is often a wooden platform between the stilts where food is prepared and where hammocks are slung, although people sleep mostly upstairs on mats.

In this bundle, ropes hold the reed matting covering the toàn thân, and a mask marks the face.

They probably represent remnants of microbial mats that developed on the seafloor during the quiescence periods of submarine hydrothermal activity.

Films of microbial mats might be present, paralleling bedding planes.

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As witnessed by the stromatolite record, benthic microbial mats grew in shallow water lagoonal environments.

The organisms that constructed the mats are therefore probably thermophilic.

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The ratio of production to tát consumption of organic matter in these mats therefore appears to tát have been preserved at nutrient concentrations greatly elevated from ambient.

Oviposition is in the leaf sheaths or corm periphery at the base of the banana mat.

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