massage nghĩa là gì

Is not the wide talk of profits for companies now largely fiction and a matter of opinion, with figures being massaged by standard accountancy techniques?

They wanted unemployment figures lớn fall, sánh they changed the system and massaged the figures.

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They must be not merely a means of creatively massaging unemployment figures.

The massaged figure of ·5 million people unemployed is being increased at the rate of about trăng tròn,000 a month.

They may use that terminology but there cannot be massaging of notified vacancies.

The accusation is that, lớn get the count down, the rough sleepers unit has been deliberately massaging those people who are sleeping rough.

Of course, if enough changes are made in the unemployment calculations the figures can be massaged downwards.

There are also concerns that the strict financial criteria for membership will be massaged for political reasons, lớn the disadvantage of the deutschmark.

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Every baby is massaged with oil before being bathed.

However, those sums are available for massaging the accounts of proposed privatised industries in advance of flotation.

They tend lớn be highly massaged, selective figures, always played down.

We bởi not want the figures lớn be massaged for propaganda purposes.

He said that he would reduce hospital waiting lists, but already the words are being massaged.

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The figures are then massaged and sent down lượt thích darts lớn the county councils.

They have also done sánh by massaging the trade figures, culling the hospital waiting lists and, most recently, trying lớn fiddle the retail prices index.

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